I’m Olivia and I specialize in watercolor and ink illustration and graphic design. I graduated from Whatcom Community College in 2010 with my Associates of Arts degree in Visual Communication. Drawing has been a passion and hobby for as long as I can remember and I always hoped it would be something I could really “do” when I grew up. The growing up part is still pending but I’m definitely making art and sharing it with the world which is a dream come true. I was raised in Ferndale, Washington in a house full of siblings (four), pets (many), and art supplies (artistic parents). I make art because it makes me happy. I share it in the hopes it will bring some happiness to others too.

I live with my best-friend-turned-husband, two kick-ass children, and a black and white spaniel named Winston in beautiful Bellingham, Washington.


SAQs (Seldom Asked Questions):

First celebrity crush? John Smith from Disney’s Pocahontas. You can’t deny that Gibson’s got a sultry voice.

Favorite pastry? Croissants over doughnuts any day, e’ry day.

Worst habit? Never put things away. I make messes everywhere I go (and somehow I’m still married).

Favorite sleeping position? Side, with one leg tucked up as high as it can go, one arm under my pillow. No socks.

Spirit animal? Probably some fidgety bird. Creates stuff, makes messes, always looking around for danger, has pretty cool wings, but will use its sharp beak if shit gets real.